*** Creech Party in the Park will NOT take place in 2022 ***

See our blog and social media for up to date details

2020 Ticket Prices

  • Adult (18+) – £8.00 in advance (£16.00 on the day, if available)
  • Teen (13-17) – £8.00 in advance (£16.00 on the day, if available)
  • Child (6-12) – £2.00 in advance (£4.00 on the day if available)
  • Under 5’s – FREE

Where to buy

We will announce how to purchase tickets in the Spring.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing tickets.  Buying tickets means you agree to these conditions. Failing to adhere to these terms will result in eviction from the event.

  1. Only those with official wristbands will be admitted by the professional security team.
  2. All bags will be searched during entry.  No food or drink (alcoholic or otherwise) will be allowed in.
  3. Teen and children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and their mobile number written clearly on their wrist band.
  4. Teen/children WILL NOT be allowed to enter or leave the site unaccompanied – please arrive/leave as a family unit.
  5. Re-entry to the event is not permitted, if you leave early your wristband will be removed.
  6. Teens/children are not allowed in the beer tent.
  7. Teen/child tickets can only be purchased with adult tickets, with a max of two per responsible adult.
  8. For safety reasons, under 18’s leaving the site will have to be accompanied by their responsible adult and re-entry is not permitted.
  9. Please do NOT bring your own alcohol on to site as our license does not allow it. Any alcohol not purchased on site will be confiscated either at the gate or on site. Our licensed bar will be run by volunteers and the cost of drinks will be reasonably priced as always. There will also be a soft drinks bar. Please note that without the profit from bar sales the event could not be funded – so bringing in your own booze risks the future of the event.
  10. We run the Challenge 25 scheme at our event so please make sure you have appropriate photo ID if you are or lucky enough to look younger than 25. Having an adult ticket is not proof of age.
  11. Under age drinking will not be tolerated. Underage drinkers will be removed from site, along with their responsible adult. Police are on standby to deal with such incidents.
  12. Please DO NOT purchase alcohol for under 18s.  Our event has always been family friendly, and we wish this to continue, but this will not be possible if teens are allowed booze by their “responsible” adult.
  13. Our professional security team and volunteers have the right to be treated with respect. Any aggressive or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in eviction from site. In the event of an under 18 being removed, the responsible adult will also need to leave and Police may be called.
  14. Ticket price is for entry only and does NOT include any food or drink.
  15. Food will be available to purchase on the night from multiple vendors.  Please DO NOT bring in your own food.
  16. Please bring your own picnic chairs/blankets. Please be aware that in front of the stage will become a dance floor, so don’t position yourself too close! Gazebos are welcome if sited around the perimeter, do not have side panels and do not block the view of the band for others. Kindly pitch considerately as we would rather not have to ask you to move.
  17. Toilets and lighting will be on site.
  18. We strongly advise against bringing cars to the event. On site parking is restricted to disabled badge holders only.
  19. Please be respectful to local residents when leaving and keep noise to a minimum.

The show will go on whatever the weather!  We hope you have an enjoyable evening.